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Внимание! Tonight! -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Сегодня_вечером В ИЗРАИЛЕ

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JazzicA [01 Jun 2007|01:47am]

Jazzica started as a Jazz band playing jazz standarts for fun. Yeah, no intention no nothing. Just plain fun.
Shir (The Keyboard player) and Miri (The singer) came back from NYC after a year of inspiration and started making Music.
A year and a half ago Shir Decided to try her composing side. She found a wonderful lyrics writer by the name of Maya Roze and her words inspired her to compose songs for the first time.
We believe that Shir has found her destiny.
The songs kept on coming and Jazzica changed her direction.
Of course there was a lot of labor pains, musicians coming and going, but now we believe the baby is out.
Hope you'll enjoy our music.

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